ALIKO successfully continues Giant-generation press brakes supply!

Postitettu 02.05.2016

Estonian largest press brake ALIKO SP8000-1600 has been delivered in April 2016.

Fleibel Group OÜ - metalworking company located in Tallinn, Estonia has invested in a new hydraulic press brake ALIKO SP8000-1600, which was delivered and successfully installed last month in the refreshed production facilities of the company.

This is the biggest and the most powerful hydraulic press brake in Estonia with 8,000 mm bending length and 1,600 tons bending force.

A great set of press brake tools was delivered at the same time, including mechanical adjustable lower tool and gooseneck upper tool with more than 700 mm height.

The press brakes' increased dayligth clearance of 1,200 mm allows bending and handling of very complicated parts.