Assembly and commissioning works of the new ALIKO SP7000-1000 in less than two weeks in Latvia

Postitettu 26.06.2017

In May 2017 ALIKO has delivered new Giant-generation press brake to latvian company EMJ Metals SIA. The machine has a bending length of 7 meters and a bending force of 1000 tons, which makes this press brake the most powerful in Latvia. The machine's features and technical characteristics were tailored together with EMJ Metals for the most versatile result in the subcontracting area.

The comprehensive set of press brake tools was supplied with the machine's delivery. Increased daylight clearance of 1100 mm allows to bend large sheets without any problems. 

Located in Riga, Latvia EMJ Metals SIA is a rapidly evolving company which specializes in cutting and bending of sheet-metal. The company's range of machines includes numerous laser cutting machines and press brakes. In addition to the new ALIKO SP7000-1000, the customer has another press brake ALIKO SP4200-400, which was completely modernized by ALIKO at the end of 2016.

The final assembly and commissioning works of the new ALIKO SP7000-1000 were completed in less than two weeks. It was only possible with a very high-quality components and accurate quality control. Aliko's experienced technicians are responsible for the installation of press brakes. The level of domesticity of Aliko's press brakes is very high, for example frame constructions and hydrauliс sylinders are manufactured in Finland. 

Few pictures of press brake assambly in Riga:

New ALIKO SP4200-320 press brake delivery in autumn 2017

EMJ Metals SIA has been very pleased with the professional service and the supply and production security of ALIKO press brakes.

As result, the third ALIKO press brake will be delivered to the company in early autumn 2017. Thanks to the new ALIKO SP4200-320, the company will receive the additional capacity required for the growing demand of bending service.