Great ALIKO Giant press brake delivery

Postitettu 15.01.2016

ALIKO has delivered one of the largest hydraulic press brakes in the Nordic countries in October 2015.

JL Metals Ltd, located in Kuortane, Central Finland has invested into the new ALIKO Giant generation press brake ALIKO SP14000-2200 (bending length - 14 meters, bending force - 2200 tons), which was ordered especially for huge wind turbines towers' production.

Bending tests have gone brilliantly and the first 136-meter wind turbine tower is already under production.

Now company has the great opportunity to make metalworks of any complexity and will definitely get a lot of new orders.

Currently there are a few 14-meter press brakes in Finland and ALIKO-team is very proud of that fact that all of them are manufactured by ALIKO.