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Hannu Alitalo, the founder of Alitalo Konepaja, started his career as an engineer where many other advanced companies have ever started: in the garage. There, a young skilful young man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, designed and assembled his first machines. The company started in 1978 in cooperation with his father Simo Alitalo, and the same year the first machine delivery, a self-made guillotine shears, was done. The first press brake delivery to the customer took place two years later. The product name was created by a proper combination of the company name and it has remained since then: Aliko.

Over the years, there have been ups and downs, however, always have been survived with a good group of people, Finnish spirit and a bit of madness. The 1990s and early 2000s were a time of different product applications and growth for us. The company renewed its product palette, for example new generation of ALIKO Giant press brakes and focused on the export market. However, customer needs have always been on the top of priority, as evidenced by long-term relationships with many customers.

Today’s Aliko is in great stride, thanks to the right strategic decisions of the last decade. New generation of smart and eager Aliko’s young spirits is now running the company’s day-to-day life under direction of CEO Stanislav Demin. Our company is proud of over 1300 machine deliveries, to Finland and other countries.

Aliko’s strength has always been innovative product development, design and flexibility. Machines manufactured in Finland represent state-of-the-art technology and quality. Many of our first machines are still in active production.

Since 2016, our company is focusing more and more on its core expertise, product development, design, and life cycle services for large press brakes. Aliko Oy Ltd is constantly striving to meet the changing needs of the sheet metalworking industry with its supply and expertise. We specialize in press brakes with bending length of 3000 mm and bending force of 220 tons or above.

We will continue to provide service, retrofit and spare parts for guillotine shears and plasma cutting equipment.

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