Flexible laser system


LME TUBE combines the advantages of an LME system for the cutting of flat sheet metal with the new laser technology applied to cutting tubular elements for the new FIBER TUBE, which make it an actual machine for the processing of tubular elements.

Cutlite Penta


The transition from flat to tubular machining takes place automatically and the cutting process uses the same EVO 3 cutting head, designed and developed internally by Cutlite Penta, and also provides for the possibility of Bevel cutting on the tube. LME Tube represents the best quality-price choice on the market and guarantees superior flexibility of use with high cutting performance, while maintaining a high quality standard.

Cutlite Penta


The EVO3 cutting head is equipped with a capacitive sensor. The LME TUBE use the EVO3 autofocus cutting head, entirely designed by our research and development department and built using cutting edge precision mechanics from Cutlite Penta; the head is equipped with a contactless capacitive sensor.

Cutlite Penta


The head designed by Cutlite Penta allows performing these operations without penalizing the classic flat cut.
The mechanically innovative head is very small, lightweight and allows rotating by +/- 45° in both cutting directions.

Cutlite Penta


Fiber laser sources provide extensive versatility and make it possible to cut a multiplicity of metal types. Developed as a single system, it can be paired with a wide variety of optical fiber diameters. High efficiency, excellent beam quality and low power consumption are all hallmarks of the source. The source is housed in a NEMA 12 cabinet which is conditioned and sealed so that it can operate even in the harshest of environments. The high degree of reliability of these sources also ensures particularly low maintenance costs.

Automatic step


  • Maximum capacity 6 tubes having a ø 305 mm diameter or maximum side 220 mm
  • Automatic loading of tubes from ø 20mm – up to ø 305 mm
  • Automatic loading lengths from 1500 mm to 6500 mm, which can be increased on request
  • Sliding surfaces entirely covered in plastic material to avoid damaging and scratching delicate tubes
  • Possibility of mounting on the operator or rear side

Cutlite Penta


Automatic nozzle change (optional) 

Automaattinen suuttimen vaihto on lisäominaisuus, joka saa koneen vaihtamaan leikkuupään suuttimen automaattisesti ilman käyttäjän osallistumista.


It is a position camera that allows remote controlling and viewing of the machine work.

Bench change on two levels

The bench change on two levels allows the work bench to be replaced in approximately 15 seconds, almost completely reducing the loading and unloading times.


The various automation options allow optimisation of the work phases, significantly reducing the loading and unloading times.

Tube size detection (optional)

Tube size detection optical sensor.

Cutlite Penta


Simple and intuitive cutting-edge front-end software, designed to guarantee the highest level of versatility and customisation. Laser cutting has never been so easy.

Our systems are compatible with the main tube CAD/Cam software on the market.

Smart Manager 6

The exclusively in-house designed control software has been evolving in line with market and customer demands for many years. Smart Manager 6 has been specifically developed to fully exploit the potential of state-of-the-art cutting systems and ensure that all Cutlite Penta products achieve top performances.

Smart composer

The new and revolutionary software by Cutlite Penta interfaces directly with the numerical control of the machine and with the front-end smart manager software.