Messer PlasmaFlex - efficiency by automation

Your solution for fully automated loading and unloading of plasma cutting machines:

  • Clear material flow. Raw material goes in one side and cut parts out the other.
  • Reduces variability in production. Less reliance on people to keep production flowing results in increased accuracy in scheduling and on time deliveries.
  • Significant improvement in safety. The automated unloading of the cutting table eliminates the need to step on it. Extensive safety system and fencing included.
  • Massive increases of productivity. Fastest automatic material exchange: Processed nest is removed and next raw plate placed on cutting table immediately. Optimal solution to maximize Torch-On-Time.
  • Load/unload time, just over a minute to get a fresh plate on the table. Load and unload happen concurrently.
  • Reliable material flow control and feedback in real time
  • No dependence on crane or forklift and driver.
  • Modular System which can easily be expanded and kept up-to-date: Storage tower(s), serve multiple machines, extend with automatic picking and sorting solutions
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