Aliko KMJ angle measuring device is the answer for easily adjusted measuring.

Aliko KMJ angle measuring device measures bending sheets angle simultaneously from front and back of the bending table. It´s driven with servo motors from Cybelec SA control panel.

When the bending pressure is released from the material, it will tend to return to its original shape. This effect, which will result as a bend that isn’t at the desired angle, is called the springback. This makes overbending necessary in order to achieve desired angle. With an CNC controlled Aliko KMJ angle measuring device it is possible to measure the springback effect and automatically calculate a correction in real time to reach the desired angle.

  • Typical measurement accuracy better than +/-0.1°
  • Has a blue beam which is well-known to be the best color to be used in measuring devices
  • Can be cleaned pneumatically
  • Safety sencor included for safety of the operator and the device
  • A covered parking space at the end of the bending table.
  • Can be used with 1V lower tools or CNC vario dies
  • Thanks to the large viewing angle, change of lower tool won´t affect the measuring nor does it make moving the measuring necessary.

Download brochure or watch the video.