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Since 1.1.2016 ALIKO specializes in press brakes with bending length of 4 200 mm and bending force of 320 tons or above.

For the guillotine shears and water jet cutting machines we will be glad to offer you service & retrofit solutions and spare parts.

ALIKO guillotine shears


The guillotine shears are the critical part in a production process. That is why they must also be accurate and durable. ALIKO guillotine shears have been designed for demanding work.

First ALIKO guillotine shears were produced in 1978.

ALIKO water jet cutting systems


First ALIKO water jet cutting system was produced in 1988.

Water jet cutting is at its best when cutting thick aluminium and refined steel parts. With other cutting methods, it is not possible to cut those economically and accurately.
A jet of water ejected from nozzles at three times the speed of sound is able to cut almost any material without noise, dust or flue gases. For cutting harder materials abrasive sand is mixed with the water in order to improve cutting power.

Aliko Oy Ltd is official distributor of german company Messer Cutting Systems GmbH for plasma, laser and oxyfuil cutting machines in Finland since 2000.
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