Messer plasma, laser and oxyfuel cutting systems

Messer Cutting Systems GmbH is a market leader for manufacturing of CNC Thermal Cutting Machinery from Germany.

Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of cutting edge technology. We provide services for the metal-working industry, setting standards worldwide. As the industry pioneer Messer offers complete solutions and focuses strategically on its customers and on customer-driven innovation. The company is active in more than 50 countries, with more than 900 employees in 5 main locations with production sites.

Aliko Oy Ltd is official distributor of Messer Cutting Systems in Finland since 2000.

MESSER plasma cutting – fast, accurate and high quality

Plasma cutting was originally developed for the thermal cutting of materials which were unsuitable for flame cutting, such as high alloy steels or Aluminum. Today, the process is also used for the economical cutting of thin, low alloyed steels.

The plasma cutting process, as used in the cutting of electrically conductive metals, utilises this electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from an electrical power source through a plasma cutting torch to the material being cut.

The basic plasma arc cutting system consists of a power supply, an arc starting circuit and a torch. These system components provide the electrical energy, ionisation capability and process control that is necessary to produce high quality, highly productive cuts on a variety of different materials.


  • Plate thickness: 0,8 mm up to 160 mm
  • Typical: 3 mm up to 75 mm

Key features:

  • High to very high cut quality
  • Smooth, cutting surfaces
  • Metallurgical perfect surfaces for welding
  • Medium heat input
  • Excellent cutting speed
  • Low harding on cutting surface

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MESSER laser cutting – highest quality, best accuracy

Basically when cutting with the laser the beam is focused on the material through the hole in the nozzle. This heats the material and melts it. A cutting gas, which flows co-axially through the nozzle, removes the molten material. Due to the small focus spot, laser cutting is known for its high accuracy.

The laser cutting process uses a strong focused laser beam. The high energy laser beam heats up the material. During the cutting process, an assistant gas is used to eject the molten material from the kerf. As a result, the cut quality and speed are very high compared to other cutting technologies.

Messer Lasermat II - the specialist for laser processing in XXL format.


  • Large area processing with the CO2 Laser: on-board resonator
  • Working widths up to 4 500 mm, working lengths up to 50 m

Key features:

  • Highly dynamic; simultaneous speeds up to 140 m/min, acceleration up to 0.5 g
  • Continuous bevels from -45° to +50°
  • Robust linear guides
  • Highest positioning and repetitive accuracy
  • Optimised fast process cycles

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Oxyfuel flame cutting is the most economical process for the cutting of mild and low alloy steels, even with weld preparations. It is one of the most important production processes in the metal industry.

Oxyfuel cutting is a combustion process using oxygen/fuel gas flame. The heating flame brings the material up to its ignition temperature. Then a jet of Oxygen at least 99,5 % pure is blown onto the heated spot. The Oxygen jet oxidizes the metal. The torch is moved and a narrow cutting kerf is created, removing the slag from the kerf. The quality of the cut depends on the surface condition of the material, cut-velocity and thickness.


  • Plate thickness: 3 mm up to 2 800 mm
  • Typical: 10 mm up to 300 mm

Key features:

  • Good cut quality
  • Smooth, vertical cutting surface
  • Metallurgical perfect surfaces (oxidized)

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