Standard press brake tools

The best quality and wear resistant

Aliko has wide range of bending tool solutions, such as 1V and multi-V lower tools and different upper tool solutions.

All Aliko press brake tools are manufactured of high-class material. They are hardened, so the durability and accuracy are top quality. Our own production ensures that our deliveries always match the order. We sell only what our customers truly need. We even design the right tool for customer’s needs from the very beginning, if needed.

We guarantee that Aliko bending tools are always of the best quality and wear resistant.

Pneumatic lower tool holder

Extremely fast, durable and robust solution

This pneumatic tool holder makes lower tool change very fast and easy. Tool’s mounting profile can be customized to customer requirements. self-centering fixture enables usage of sectioning and minimizes setup time significantly.

  • fast tool change, automatic centring
  • 1V lower tools easy to handle
  • possible to use sectioning (pressure keys in every 50 mm)
  • loadability 300 tn/m, when the base is min. 90 mm width
  • installation above crowning
Pneumaattinen alatyökalukiinnitys

1V lower tools

Fully hardened and polished

Varied solutions with Wila or Promecam fixture. It is possible to bend challenging shapes with a narrow 1V lower tool. Sectioning available to all models. Rollers in V-opening corners are also possible.

Aliko alatyökalu

Upper tools

Standard and complex upper tools for all tool fixtures

Aliko offers “straight” and “gooseneck” punches and all our tools are available for all upper tool fixtures.

Complex upper tools include punch frame and replaceable punch tips ‒ convenient and effective solution, quick tool change, small storage space and low cost for additional punch tips. This complex solution a result of continuing product development at Aliko. Upper tool system is worth considering, when you have:

  • variable radius bending
  • hard materials
  • when you need a cost-effective upper tool system

Punch tips are also available with all upper tool fixtures.

  • IK-fixture – the most suitable for lighter loads; IK-tips are as well easier to install because of their lightness. You can attach an IK-tip to TK-fixture
  • TK-fixture – the best solution, when tips are big and heavy; TK-fastening is more secure and safety in this case

Upper tool fixture is made according to customers machine’s specification and tool sectioning is available for all models.

We also offer special features to Aliko upper tools as an option. For example, horn/box tools and safety clips. Contact us for more information.

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