Adjustable lower tools

CNC lower tool

We have developed a very durable and fast CNC lower tool for press brakes. With the CNC lower tool, the V-opening change occurs in seconds and is completely automatic through the CNC control of the press brake. Due to the speed of the adjustment, the production of small series is cost-effective and much preferable compared to standard bending tool solutions.

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CNC adjustable lower tool

fast V-openings adjustment straight from CNC-control

The design of the tool pays special attention to durability and precision control. V-opening adjustment range and tool length can be customized according to customer needs:

  • motorized V-opening adjustment, precise positioning every 10 mm
  • fast v-opening adjustment straight from CNC-control
  • strong and durable construction; excellent load resistance
  • the rollers at the corners of the V-opening reduce the power needed in bending and improve tools duration
  • suitable for almost all press brakes
  • almost maintenance free

Why to choose Aliko CNC lower tool?

  • improve the productivity of the press brake
  • improve the bending quality
  • helps the production planning
  • improve the occupational safety
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Model V-openings, mm Height, mm Max. loadability α 80°, t/m
Aliko CNC-MA 20/120 V20-120 200 250
Aliko CNC-MA 40/200 V40-200 330 400
Aliko CNC-MA 50/300 V50-300 400 400

Tool station

tool station for storage and change of the tools

Aliko tool station is intended next to the press brake. Tool station is excellent for storage of press brakes 1V-lower tools and upper tools. The tools slide onto the bending table along the transfer bridge. The tools move in the slot of the bridge, where pneumatically moving rollers help the movement. The locking of the tools has implemented with a pneumatic quick locking.

  • easy to use Aliko touch screen control
  • very large capacity of the tools, max 3000 kg
  • tool placement on a customer-specific basis
  • transfer bridge and light tool positioning in the press brake
  • adding new tools directly from control panel
  • suitable for almost all press brakes
  • suitable for 1V lower tools and upper tools

Why choose Aliko tool station?

  • improve the productivity
  • improve the work ergonomics
  • tools always in order next to the press brake
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