Aliko press brakes

Reliable, durable and accurate machines

Aliko Oy Ltd provides its customers with added value via its advanced comprehensive solutions for machining heavy materials. Decades of experience in product development and machine manufacturing provide a unique insight into what product solution is right for the customer’s production process.

Properties which are required of production machinery such as accuracy and durability are emphasized to the utmost in really hard work. A press brake which is running round the clock must be of very high quality in order to endure the load caused by productive work.

Aliko press brakes are manufactured in Finland according to customer´s specifications and requirements. We specialize in press brakes with bending length of 3000 mm and bending force of 220 tons or above.

A wide range of press brake accessories is available enabling Aliko to design a machine solution to meet the customer’s needs exactly. It is also possible to produce all Aliko press brakes in tandem version.


Why Aliko press brake?

Long lasting experience and high professionalism in this field

Innovative modular design

  • Customized solutions at a reasonable price, from basic to high end machine

Machine manufacturer with 40 years of experience

  • We know the most critical parts of a machine and know how to do them properly. Due to the long experience, we’ve designed a new collection with even more cost-effective and easy to use

More varied solutions for bending

  • Fast and durable tool clamping solutions
  • CNC adjustable lower tool for heavy duty machines and 1V lower tool solutions for small and medium sized machines
  • Comprehensive range of basic tools in stock and modified solutions according to customer needs

Finnish high quality equipment

  • The critical parts of the Aliko press brakes are manufactured in Finland
  • The carefully selected components come from long-term partners
  • We rely on our quality and therefore give our press brakes a 3-year warranty

After-sales service

  • Our skilled service team responds to unforeseen production disruptions within 24 hours of contacting us.

User friendly and environmentally friendly solutions

  • Aliko’s programmable eco-mode ensures that energy is only used when needed
  • Easy-to-use CNC control ensures that even the most inexperienced machine’s operator succeeds
  • Workstation adjustments can be made quickly and easily for each user and job

ALIKO F-series

The smallest member of press brake family

F-series press brakes with 3-4,2 meters bending length and 220-400 tons bending force. F means ”floor standing solution” – these machines do not have any pit, always delivered assembled and installation takes one day only!

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ALIKO Heavy Duty

Press brakes for heavier bending

Heavy Duty press brakes have reinforced construction, 3-10 meters bending length and 500-800 tons bending force. This machine is completed with various accessories and optional devices.

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For very high compressive force

ALIKO Giant press brake provides you the best result for any challenge with bending force of 1000 tons or above. Personalized selection of parameters, wide range of press brake accessories and bending tools according to the customer needs, fast response, high quality and unique solutions.

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