ALIKO F-series

The smallest member of press brake family

The smallest member of the Aliko press brake family with 3-4,2 meters bending length and 220-400 tons bending force has floor standing solution. This F-series machine guarantees the highest quality with a very competitive price level, it does not have any pit, always delivered assembled and installation takes one day only.

A wide range of press brake accessories is available enabling Aliko to design a machine solution to meet the customer’s needs exactly. It is also possible to produce all Aliko press brakes in tandem version.


ALIKO F-series


  • All necessary electrical and hydraulic equipment to ensure machine functionality
  • EcoMode – optimization of power consumption (automatic shutdown in case of idle time), which gives a lot of energy savings
  • CE-certification, machine is CE-approved
  • LazerSafe optical safety arrangement
  • CNC back gauge and CNC crowning system
  • Cybelec CNC control
  • Front supports
  • Proper covers to prevent access to no-go areas
  • Machine working with an inclined beam possibility
  • Working lights in front and above
  • Overload protection

CNC control

High quality Cybelec controls

Aliko’s collaboration with Cybelec, famous produces of CNC control systems from Switzerland, since 1985.

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ALIKO F-series

Cybelec CybTouch 12PS

  • 12” large, vivid and high-contrast fully touchscreen

  • simple pages, clear display, large keys
  • intuitive user-friendly interface

  • controls 4 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R)

  • automatic bend sequencing (option)

  • bend allowance calculation

  • pressure – crowning calculation

ALIKO F-series

Cybelec CybTouch 15PS

  • 15” modern streamlined glass surface touch screen that can be used with gloves

  • 2D graphical profile drawing (Touch Profile) and precise 2D program creation

  • automatic bending sequence calculation

  • easy single bends thanks to the EasyBend page

  • wide storage capacity

  • internal backup and restore functions

  • wireless communication for extended diagnostics and updates (with laptop)

Cybelec VisiTouch 19 2D / 3D

  • 19” large and modern streamlined glass surface touch screen

  • easy operating thanks to the user-friendly HMI

  • efficient 2D graphical profile drawing and fast and precise 2D program solution

  • automatic bending sequence calculation

  • internal backup and restore functions

Back gauge

Very fast and high level of accuracy and heavy-duty construction

We offer 2-, 4-, 5- and 6-axis models of the back gauge according to customer’s needs.

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2-axis back gauge
(X, R)

  • heavy duty construction

  • forward/backward movement (X) 1000 mm CNC-controlled

  • up/down movements (R) 300 mm CNC-controlled

  • back gauge finger transversal movements (Z1, Z2) – manual

4-axis back gauge
(X, R, Z1, Z2)

  • heavy duty construction

  • forward/backward movement (X) 1 000 mm CNC-controlled

  • up/down movements (R) 300 mm CNC-controlled

  • back gauge finger transversal movements (Z1, Z2) motorized or CNC-controlled

5-axis back gauge
(X, X1, R, Z1, Z2)

  • heavy duty construction

  • forward/backward movement (X, X1) 1000 mm CNC-controlled

  • up/down movements (R) 300 mm CNC-controlled

  • back gauge finger transversal movements (Z1, Z2) CNC-controlled

6-axis back gauge
(X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2)

  • heavy duty construction

  • forward/backward movement (X1, X2) 1000 mm – CNC-controlled

  • up/down movements (R1, R2) 300 mm – CNC-controlled

  • back gauge finger transversal movements (Z1, Z2) – CNC-controlled

Crowning system

High precision CNC crowning system

Wide range of use, ideal crowning system for sheet metal work and heavy bending.

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1V high presicion CNC crowning

  • produced with integrated 1V lower tool fixtures

  • self-locking double wedge system, no hydraulic oil

  • adjustment in every 400 mm

  • can take high local loads

  • parameter values can be memorized for further similar jobs

  • fast tool mounting, automatic self-centring

High presicion CNC crowning

  • wide range of use, ideal crowning for sheet metal work and heavy bending

  • adjustment and correction settings from CNC control

  • adjustment in every 250-400 mm

  • compatible with all lower tools

  • can take high local loads

Tool holders

Versatile solutions

Aliko tool fast clamping system solutions improve productivity by reducing the time spent for changing tools.

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Pneumatic 1V lower tool holder

  • fast tool change, automatic centring

  • 1V lower tools easy to handle

  • possible to use sectioning (pressure keys in every 50 mm)

  • installation above crowning

  • loadability 300 tn/m, when the base is min. 90 mm width

Manual upper tool clamping

  • heavy duty solution

  • Wila type tooling compatitible

  • maximum load 400 tn/m

  • quick fixing, positioning and replacement of the upper tool

Manual upper tool clamping Promecam

  • adjustable intermediate clamps for upper tool (punch)

  • Promecam type tooling compatitible

  • suitable for press brakes with bending force up to 320 tons only

Hydraulic upper tool fast clamping

  • heavy duty fixing profile
  • tool fixing loadability 250 tn/m

  • suitable for all press brake models

Front supports

Robust and easy to use front supoort solutions

Our range includes CNC and mechanical front support models to meet customer needs and production.

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Heavy duty front supports

  • installed on linear guides to make positioning easy and accurate

  • vertical adjustment with hydraulic spring

  • easy high adjustment with hydraulic springcylinder

Hydraulic front supports with CNC control

  • CNC-controlled front workpiece support

  • support area 350×900 mm; extendable up to 1500 mm

  • up/down movement 120 mm

  • maximum angle 55⁰ (bending angle 70°)

  • maximum load ability 750 kg/pc

  • fully automatic adjustment (manual adjusting between programs not needed)

Safety arrangement

LazerSafe optical safety arrangement

Aliko Oy Ltd is the regional representative of australian Lazer Safe Pty. Ltd, one of the worldwide famous manufacturers of optical safety devices since 2013.

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LazerSafe optical safety arrangement

  • control, safety and operator protection

  • increases productivity

  • continuous ram speed and stopping time surveillance

  • if an obstruction is detected the machine is automatically stopped

  • easy to adjust after punch change

Auxiliary equipment

Modern lifting and measurement solutions increase the productivity

Thanks to our strong expertise, we are able to provide versatile solutions for improving the productivity of bending.

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Line laser for marked bending

  • green line helps bending positioning

KeMes angle measurement device

  • automatically determines any bent angle

  • supports the recording of the measurement values, which can then be used to analyze the production process

  • measurement is performed using innovative laser technology

Workpiece handling crane system

  • makes heavy workpiece handling easier

  • improves productivity and working ergonomics

  • release overhead crane for other use

  • lifting capacity 1000 / 2000 kg

  • installation on press brake frames

Press brake tools

More varied solutions for bending

Aliko supplies press brake tools according to the customers’ needs. The tool fastening and length are made to fit the customers’ machine requirements.

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