Retrofit solutions

Worried about operational reliability of your old machine?

Aliko offers a wide range of retrofit solutions for the sheet metal working machinery. In addition to Aliko press brakes, these upgrades can be also made to many other manufacturer’s machines.

Our specialists, also well known for after-sale service of durable and reliable Aliko press brakes, can retrofit your machine from the 1980s to the present day. If the steel construction and hydraulic equipment of the older machine are still in good condition, retrofitting can be a very cost-effective approach to improve machine’s usability and increase the productivity.

We always carry out modernization of press brakes with our excellent experience as a machine manufacturer, and the components we use for it are mostly like those used in new machine production. As a result, we have a comprehensive range of ready-made retrofit solutions, such as back gauge modification, bending tools fastening, crowning systems and CNC controls replacements, which we can install on our clients’ older machines without the need for expensive customization.

Bending quality – the quality of older machines may no longer meet today’s requirements, and Aliko’s retrofit solutions always improve the quality of bending in addition to productivity.

Productivity – the productivity of the bending process is largely influenced by programming and setup times. For example, the CNC control upgrade, the additional axes for back gauge, automatic crowning system and varied solutions for press brake tools significantly speed up the bending process.

Work ergonomics – the work ergonomics of the press brake have become increasingly important. We have several additional devices to facilitate the bending process, such as motorized / manually adjustable front supports, CNC controlled front workpiece supports, integrated workpiece lifting equipment and sheet feeding systems.

Control replacement

Reliable and experienced choice for press brake CNC control updates.

Back gauge modification

Back gauge with the very high level of accuracy and heavy-duty construction can be installed to almost any press brake.

Optical safety arrangement

LazerSafe control, safety and operator protection systems for press brakes, which maximise productivity and performance, streamline operation and enhance functionality and protection.

Crowning systems

Wide range of use, ideal crowning system for sheet metal work and heavy bending.

Tool fastening systems

Bending tool fast clamping system solutions improve productivity by reducing the time spent for changing tools.

Auxiliary equipment

Modern lifting and measurement solutions increase the productivity of bending.

Retrofit solutions for guillotine shears

Aliko offers machine retrofits not only for pressbrakes, but also for guillotine shears. 

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