CNC-crowning and tools clamping systems

Press brake CNC-crowning system

ALIKO's manufactured high precision crowning systems for the upper and lower beam guarantee the best result for the final product. Standard length for ALIKO CNC-crowning system is 3 000 mm, 4 200 mm, 6 000 mm, 8 000 mm and 14 000 mm.

High precision CNC-crowning system:

  • self-locking double wedge system, no hydraulic oil
  • can take high local loads
  • additional option for individual wedge adjustment
  • precise and fast
  • maintenance-free

Manual crowning:

  • low cost and easy to use

Tools clamping systems

ALIKOs upper tool fast clamping system solutions improve productivity by reducing the time spent for changing tools. 

  • tool clamping type according to the customers preference, for example ALIKO, Wila, Promecam
  • manual upper tool clamping system
    • heavy duty solution
    • max tool fixing loadability 4 000 kN/m
    • equipped with falling out protection
    • pressure control system
  • pneumatic upper tool clamping system for the press brakes up to 320 tons bending fource
  • hydraulic upper tool fast clamping system

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