CNC control replacements

At least 150 control replacement projects done!

In addition modernizing ALIKO manufactured machinery, we also modernize other sheet metal working machine brands, bigger machines in particular. We have updated control devices to the following; Safan, Ursviken, Donewell, Jaromet, Haco, Finn-Power, Strong-Line, Scharringhausen etc.

ALIKO's collaboration with Cybelec, famous produces of CNC control systems from Switzerland, since 1985.

Cybelec CybTouch 12 PS

  • Open to any operator thanks to the simple and intuitive full touch screen programming
  • Modern and efficient hand drawing part profile programming
  • Very fast solution provided by 2D graphic display and automatic bending sequence
  • CybTouch 12 PS datasheet »

Cybelec CybTouch 15PS

  • 15” modern streamlined glass surface touch screen that can be used with gloves
  • User friendly HMI thanks to intuitive programming and easy to setup with dedicated wizards (autotuning)
  • 2D graphical profile drawing (Touch Profile) and precise 2D program creation
  • Automatic bending sequence calculation
  • Easy single bends thanks to the EasyBend page
  • Wide storage capacity
  • Internal backup and restore functions
  • Wireless communication for extended diagnostics and updates (with laptop)
  • Cybelec CybTouch 15PS datasheet »

Cybelec ModEva 19T

  • 19" touch screen, flat and modern design
  • Comfortable and powerful
  • Can control up to 18 axes
  • Direct import from most CAD/CAM systems
  • Cybelec ModEva 19T datasheet »

Cybelec VisiTouch 19

  • 19” large and modern streamlined glass surface touch screen
  • Easy operating thanks to the user friendly HMI
  • Efficient 2D graphical profile drawing and fast and precise 2D program solution
  • Automatic bending sequence calculation
  • Internal backup and restore functions
  • CybTouch VisiTouch 19 datasheet »