Service solutions and spare parts

Collaboration with ALIKO is all-inclusive, that is why extensive maintenance and life-time care services are provided.

We offer flexible service on contractual basis or individual service calls as required.

ALIKO's after-sales service improves effectiveness and maintains reliability. One of ALIKO's main goals is to ensure a problem-free, full scale production process for our customers.

ALIKO focuses strongly on the operation and development of their after-sales and spare parts services. Long experience guarantees extensive machine expertise and makes it possible to foresee potential situations.

ALIKO's service staff consists of the industry's top professionals who receive regular training, for example with the original machine manufacturer in Germany. The staff is also familiar with the customer's production environment; this makes it possible to take into account the whole process – not only individual machines.

ALIKO maintains a comprehensive spare part stock in Tampere. We offer quality spare parts for press brakes, guillotine shears, plasma and flame cutting systems.

LazerSafe optical safety arrangement

ALIKO is the regional representative of australian LazerSafe, one of the worldwide famous manufacturers of optical safety devices and also platinum partnem for the new "Press brake buyer's guide"

We guarantee quick and reliable spare part deliveries. Please do not hesitate to contact us, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the best solution for your needs.

ALIKO water jet cutting machines

Water jet cutting is at its best when cutting thick aluminium and refined steel parts. With other cutting methods, it is not possible to cut those economically and accurately.

Aliko’s entire water jet cutting machine business (incl. production, sales and after sales) is sold to another Finnish company, Muototerä Oy, which has a long expertise in water jet cutting field. In connection with this business transaction, all product rights and documents concerning this issue will be also transferred to Muototerä Oy’s ownership. Since autumn 2018, all maintenance and spare parts services for Aliko water jet cutting equipment are available from Muototerä Oy.

ALIKO shear blades

The guillotine shears are the critical part in a production process. That is why they must also be accurate and durable. ALIKO guillotine shears had been designed for demanding work. First ALIKO guillotine shears were produced in 1978. The production of ALIKO guillotine shears is finnished since 2016.

We stock guillotine shear blades fitting ALIKO machinery and have a limited stock of blades fitting other machinery brands.

We can also provide shear blades according to our customers’ specifications.

Please contact us for the details »