After-sale service

Aliko’s efficient after-sales service focuses on maintenance to avoid unexpected downtime. Service staff consists of the industry’s top professionals who receive regular training, for example with the original machine manufacturer in Europe. Our staff is also familiar with the customer’s production environment; this makes it possible to consider the whole process – not only individual machines.

Long experience guarantees extensive machine expertise and makes it possible to foresee potential situations.

We provide maintenance services on a continuous basis or as a single visit. Mobile maintenance enables machine maintenance throughout the country at short notice.

A maintenance report is prepared for each maintenance visits, which is electronically stored on Aliko’s supplier’s server and sent to the customer.

The strength of Aliko’s service staff is a combination of decades of experience and the latest and modern know-how. The long and constantly evolving cooperation with our principal Messer Cutting Systems Gmbh and our partners such as Cybelec SA and Lazer Safe Pty Ltd guarantees a high level of training for our service personnel.

Messer service

Aliko has devoted an extraordinary amount of effort to training maintenance personnel on a Finnish scale. The latest example of this is Aliko’s own personnel being the first in the Nordic countries to service laser machines at Messer Cutting Systems. This ensures significantly faster service readiness for Messer Laser Machines. At the same time, maintenance training for other MCS systems has been enhanced, not forgetting the software side (Omniwin).

Messer consumables

We provide high quality original spare and consumables for Messer cutting machines, also Hypertherm and Kjellberg parts suitable for other machines. Original parts ensure good cutting quality and long life of the machine.

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